Campaign News

Campaign News

Open Letter to Kevin Miller from Ammon Bundy

Yes, Kevin Miller is my friend and Brad Little should not receive any cover for his actions. Read More

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Ammon to attend Idaho Water Users Association Legislative Water College 2022

Water is one of Idaho's most precious natural resources. Water drives the state's agricultural economies and is vital to industries and the people of Idaho in their everyday lives. Candidates and elected officials are invited to attend the Idaho Water Users Association Legislative Water College ( and learn about Idaho's water infrastructure and use of this valuable resource. Read More

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For Immediate Release

Press Release from Ammon Bundy in response to the FBI raid at President Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida on August 8th, 2022.Read More

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Gubernatorial Candidate Ammon Bundy Addresses Enthusiastic Crowd at O.K. Ward Park

By Karyn Simmons - August 9, 2022 - POCATELLO - CHUBBUCK OBSERVER Read More

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What Kind of a Man is Brad Little? "Blatant" is the Word!

Ammon Bundy has used "Keep Idaho IDAHO" from before his campaign started. Now Brad Little is using it. Read More

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Pocatello Meet 'N' Greet

Take time to meet Ammon and your neighbors at a picnic Meet 'N' Greet in Pocatello. Be ready to discuss with Ammon how the people of Idaho must work together to restore and preserve freedom and liberty. Hot dogs and hamburgers provided by the Swishers of Pocatello, Hernan & Robin Lawless, Mark & Dana Ritter, Eric Benson, and Greg & Marcia Cates. Read More

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The Idea to Abolish Private Property is Growing in Idaho (Watch Video)

The leftist plan is to make all things common and have the common property controlled by a small group of people. Protecting private property rights should be a top priority of conservatives. Watch this video of an influential man proposing to abolish private property in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.Read More

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Parades, flag waves, county fair booths, and large signage throughout Idaho! Look for the Ammon Bundy volunteers at many of your summer events! Read More

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Preserving the Memory of Those Who Sacrificed for Freedom (Story of Lt. Lincoln Bundy)

"The spiritually-gifted matriarch knew her son Lincoln was alive. She was right. But she never knew it as a proven fact in her lifetime. Not until 1996, when a British historian happened upon lost information about a downed American flyer, did Lt. Lincoln Bundy’s full story come to light."Read More

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Smoke and Mirrors, Idaho’s “Little” Surplus

Wouldn’t it be an insult to the intelligence of the People of Idaho for Brad Little to claim that a surplus came during the dark months of a “pandemic”? So, is Governor Little being honest about a surplus or is there something else going on inside the Office of the Governor that we need to be aware of?Read More

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