Campaign News

Campaign News

Summary of the Ammon Bundy for Governor Campaign

After surfacing from campaigning for the past 20 months I wanted to give you a summary report on the campaign results and express my gratitude for the great support and energy that so many put into this effort. THANK YOU! Read More

Nov 11, 2022 Share (Alt)

Splitting the Vote Narrative is Laughable! - See the Numbers

No matter how you do the math this race is between Brad Little and Ammon Bundy and I have laid it out there in full display what I plan on doing to Keep Idaho IDAHO! Read More

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Kuna Townhall

Please join us on Saturday, November 5th for a townhall to discuss how working together we can Keep Idaho IDAHO. Come and ask your toughest questions. Read More

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Least Regulated State Claim – Complicit Leader or Asleep at the Wheel? Pick One.

There is no longer any doubt about what happened. The only question remains whether Brad Little was complicit or asleep at the wheel.Read More

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Caldwell Townhall November 3rd at Caldwell Christian Church

Please join us for a townhall and get your toughest questions answered. Read More

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Mountain Home Meet 'N' Greet - Wednesday, November 2nd

Please join us to hear Ammon's plans to help Idahoans preserve freedom and liberty. Come prepared to ask your toughest questions - and get answers! Everyone is welcome.Read More

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Coeur d'Alene Keep Idaho IDAHO Rally - November 1

Let's rally to Keep Idaho IDAHO on November 1st at Lake City Center in beautiful Coeur d'Alene. Come meet Ammon and ask your toughest questions. Ammon will gladly answer them all. Enjoy a light dinner and live music. Read More

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Twin Falls Townhall - October 27th

Please join us to discuss how together we can work to preserve freedom and liberty and Keep Idaho IDAHO! Twin Falls Townhall with Ammon Bundy, October 27th, 7 p.m. at 204 Eastland Drive, Twin Falls, ID 83301. Read More

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Garden Valley Townhall November 4th

Please join us for an information filled evening on November 4th at Crouch Community Center in beautiful Garden Valley. Ammon will discuss how Idahoans can work together to preserve family values and Keep Idaho IDAHO. Come ask your toughest questions.Read More

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Meridian Townhall - October 26th

Join us for a townhall at the Apostolic Bible Church in Meridain. Let's discuss how working together we can preserve freedom and liberty and Keep Idaho Idaho.Read More

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