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Press Release - Ammon Bundy will Appeal the Idaho Capitol Trespass

In early July, 2021, Ammon Bundy had a 4 day trespass trial for attending the August Special Legislative Session at the Idaho Capitol Building. After the trial Ammon made a public statement that he would pay the fine and move on. However, since his arrest the state has continued to trespass Idahoans in public buildings. In Ammon's trial, several legislators, including the author of the Idaho trespass law, Judy Boyle, testified that the law was not intended for public property, only private. Scott Bedke, Speaker of the House, under oath lied about the time the Lincoln auditorium was closed. His testimony convicted Ammon, but the Judge refused to give Ammon jail time. Shortly after the trial, Ammon decided he would let God work it out and not appeal. This is his public statement explaining why he has reconsidered.

Sep 23, 2021
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In July of this year I went through a 4 day trespass trial for peacefully attending the August Legislative Session at the Idaho Capitol Building. Blake Higley (ISP Sergeant in charge of the Capitol) testified that "Mr. Bundy had broken no rules". However, after the Idaho Speaker of the House, Scott Bedke lied under oath in front of the jury I was convicted of trespassing. I decided to let God work it out and move on. Since then my attorneys have advised me many times that they believe this case would be overturned in a higher court. This is part of a letter that I received from my attorneys that has caused me to reconsider.

"I know that you are resolved to serve your sentence and you have already paid the fine, which we encouraged you to do. It is your choice what to do next, but as I have come to know you over these past months, I feel like you will regret it if you do not appeal. You tell me all the time, "When the government overreaches it is our job to push back." That government should not be able to silence our First Amendment protected rights to redress our grievances and our right to pure speech. You have shown great restraint in how you have peacefully pushed back and refused to bow down to tyranny. So why are you stopping now? You know how I feel about this! No one man should be able to exclude law-abiding people from the Capitol building or keep them from participating in the legislative session. If you stop now, if you don’t appeal, it sets an awful precedent for Speaker Bedke, or any of the others up at the Capitol Building to bully the next person who dares to disagree with them. You have a chance here to change things. You have to trust in the process of this next phase. You have to trust in the divinely inspired third branch of government. Now is NOT the time to back down!

Again, this is your choice. But I want you to know that I would be honored to help appeal your case. This is why I studied so hard to pass the bar. Let us carry this torch for a little while. No person should be scared to redress his government. We have to trust that the appellate courts will support our First Amendment protected rights. 

Thank you again for the opportunity to be part of your defense. It was an experience I will never forget."

Honest, passionate attorneys willing to take a risk and fight for people are few and far between. I will give my attorneys the chance to make this right! I will give the Idaho Supreme Court the chance to set this straight and protect the rights of all the people of Idaho to participate in representative government. After all, is not justice making the wrong right?  

Ammon Bundy

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