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Was Helping Baby Cyrus Come Home an Appropriate thing to do as a Candidate for Governor?

Baby Cyrus was taken on a Friday night and on the following Friday he was returned to his parents. According to the many family advocates, THIS NEVER HAPPENS! CPS agents planned to put baby Cyrus in a foster home and keep him there for at least a month, possibly 6 months or more. On March 16th CPS had a hearing and decided that they would keep baby Cyrus until at least April 8th. So why the big turn around? Why by Friday (two days later) CPS agents could not wait to get baby Cyrus back to his parents arms? Why did the liberal CPS judge take a 180? Did Ammon Bundy and his campaign team have anything to do with it?

Mar 28, 2022
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Was Helping Baby Cyrus Come Home an Appropriate thing to do as a Candidate for Governor?

Levi & Marissa Anderson (Baby Cyrus' parents)

There is a powerful scripture recorded in the New Testament where the Lord said "By their fruits ye shall know them". Of course He was not talking about the fruit of an orchard or in a tilled garden.  The Lord was talking about what we do in our lives. If we want to know someone then we need to look at what they are doing and have done.  In Ammon Bundy's case the fake liberal media has tried to deceive the people of this country into believing that what Ammon and his family have done is bad or dishonorable.  But, if you look beyond the headlines, everything Ammon has done, every time he has been criticized, every time he has been arrested, every time he has been prosecuted, every time he has been thrown into a jail cell, it was because HE WAS STANDING FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S RIGHTS!  His father's rights in Nevada.  The Hammond's rights in Harney County Oregon.  The list goes on and on and on.  Each time, Ammon put himself at risk and his life on hold to help other people.  The liberal media and government establishment hate him for it!  They hate him because he has been so successful at getting rights back and securing them for other people. 

Now, recently, baby Cyrus and his family were in desperate need. Ammon received a call from a terror stricken mother pleading for his help. So, Ammon left the busy campaign trail, risking his bid for governor to go help this little family in great need! Once again, he put himself at great risk to be a crucial part of getting baby Cyrus back in the arms of his loving parents! The question begs to be answered, what does this tell you about the kind of governor Ammon Bundy will be?

The second paragraph of the most founding document of this great nation defines the purpose of government. It reads, "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men...". Clearly, the Declaration of Independence identifies that the purpose of government is to secure the Rights of the people. According to our founding documents the government was not instituted for any other purpose than to defend our individual Rights. So, would it not make sense that those we elect in government should have a history of defending people's rights? Should we not judge those seeking to be in government by their fruits? How else are we to know if a person will defend our rights while in government if they have not defended rights in the past? 

There is no other person in Idaho that has defended other people's rights at greater risk than Ammon Bundy. By his fruits you may know him!  You may know that he will use the power of government to defend your children, your property, your way of life, your right to worship. Can you say this about the current governor or any of his buddies in office? So yes, helping baby Cyrus come home was the appropriate thing for Ammon and his campaign staff to do! In fact, if they did not do this then you should question their motives! 

Ammon Bundy for Governor Team

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