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Forced Vaccination by the Federal Government

All indicators show that the Biden Administration will implement some type of national vaccination mandate soon. This is Ammon Bundy's statement on the matter.

Sep 9, 2021
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Public Statement

The fact that the Biden Administration is planning to force vaccinations upon the people is not new news to anyone that has been watching closely. The question is, what are we going to do about it? Governor Little has received 18 billion dollars from the federal government since early 2020, he has perpetuated the problem, sold himself out and will not be standing as a barrier between the Biden Administration and the People of Idaho. The State of Idaho has agreed to allow Biden to impose his will upon Idahoans. So we the people are left unto ourselves to defend against whatever is coming. The purpose of a State is to protect the people, but we must understand that this will not be happening in Idaho right now. Governors in South Dakota, Florida and Texas may protect the people, but Governor Little has only done what was best for his Good Old Boys Club and has put the People of Idaho in a very precarious situation. As Governor, I will use the State's resources to protect the People of Idaho. I will create alliances with other Governors that understand the true purpose of the State. On my watch the federal government will not be allowed to come into the State and strip anyone of their rights! Until then, I suggest that people join the People's Rights Network, get active uniting and start organizing with their neighbors. We have a choice to act now or be acted upon. This choice belongs to each one of us. Let's not be naive and think that bad things can't happen to us. They can and they will if we do not do what is necessary to defend our freedom.

Ammon Bundy

Additional Statements by Ammon Bundy on this Topic:

I have been asked recently if as Governor I would make Idaho a heath freedom sanctuary state. This is my response.

Idaho is already a health freedom sanctuary state. It always has been. The Idaho and US Constitution by law limits any government official from acting upon a persons body unless that person has committed a crime against another person. There is no law requiring any person in Idaho to be vaccinated or wear a mask (executive orders are not law). As Governor, I will use the full force of the State to defend the people against any entity that claims jurisdiction over a persons body (including the federal government). We do not need to declare Idaho as a health freedom sanctuary state against vaccinations or other medical procedures, we already are, and the State has a duty to correct it's direction and defend the people of Idaho's rights to choose and live free!

Ammon Bundy