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Truth Ad: Government is Doing the Same as the Nazis

The Ammon Bundy for Governor campaign is running media ads all over Idaho to help people consider the raw truth about several matters. This ad is comparing what went on in Germany (1933-1945) to the beginning of what is happening now with COVID vaccine mandates and those that refuse to get them. Very similar.

Sep 16, 2021
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Radio Ad (audio only):

"People in government hate to be compared to Nazi Germany, but what is going on with the COVID vaccine is very similar to the beginning of something that happened not long ago. From 1933 to 1945, Nazi Germany carried out a campaign to cleanse German society of individuals viewed as biological threats to the NATIONS HEALTH. Enlisting DOCTORS the Nazis developed a HEALTH POLICY that began with the mass sterilization of what they called “genetically diseased persons”, Jews, Blacks and Gypsies. With legitimacy provided by “science experts”, the Nazi regime carried out a program of forced sterilizations, then isolation from the rest of the German population and finally euthanasia that found its most radical manifestation in the death of millions of people that were considered a “NATIONAL HEALTH RISK”. Sound Familiar?

This message was paid for by Ammon Bundy for Governor."

Video Ad:

References to Facts:

Biological Threat (Jews, Blacks, Gypsies)

Science as Salvation: Weimar Eugenics, 1919–1933

Death Camps


Inferior Class of People

Critical Thinking Questions  

  • How did medical professionals justify medicalized killing and experimentation on humans during the Holocaust?
  • What is the appropriate relationship between a government and the medical profession?                                   
  • What is the appropriate relationship between ideology and the medical profession?                                   
  • Euphemisms, mild or indirect words or expressions substituted for ones considered to be too harsh or blunt, can hide dangerous or illegal behavior. 
  • What expressions did the Nazis use to disguise their intentions or policies?

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