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Truth Ad: Covid Vaccination Death Numbers

The Ammon Bundy for Governor campaign is running media ads all over Idaho to help people consider the raw truth about several matters. This ad is comparing the US government's response to flu vaccination deaths in 1976 at 53 deaths to the current US government's response with over 7200 reported COVID vaccination deaths.

Sep 16, 2021
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Radio Ad (Audio):

"The CDC just reported that 7,218 people died after receiving a COVID-19 shot. Granted, vaccines are a complicated concoction of chemicals and as with any medical experiment it can take a long time to get it right. This is not the first time people have been hurt when vaccinated. What is different this time, and so concerning, is the reaction to these death numbers. Let me explain. In 1976 the government vaccinated 45 million people for the swine flu. A total of 53 people died after getting that shot and the US government immediately halted the vaccination program. Why? Because authorities decided it was too much of a risk. Why would they halt the program back then for 53 deaths but now with over 7000 deaths they are using every method possible to force it on you. In fact, now the health authorities are using their power to silence anyone who dares to question the COVID vaccination. Why? Why is anyone that questions COVID silenced. Even doctors are being censored? What’s up with that?

This message was paid for by the Ammon Bundy for Governor."

Video Ad:

References of Facts:

CDC Reports of Death after Receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine Shot:

512,095 Serious Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reported to the CDC So Far in 2021

Truth about Vaccinations Including Deaths - Tucker Carlson

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