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Parma Townhall - Saturday, January 29, 2022 (Watch)

Ammon Bundy will be in Parma, ID to share his story and discuss with the people how he, as governor, will help the people of Idaho secure freedom and liberty in Idaho. Find out why Ammon is gaining in the governors race and creating a movement in Idaho. Learn how he plans to eliminate property tax, return control of federally controlled lands to the state and end abortion, while securing liberty in Idaho. Come, meet him, and ask him direct questions. Ammon Bundy may be your next governor. This is your chance to get to know him and understand his solutions for Idaho!

Jan 24, 2022
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Parma Townhall

Saturday, January 29 at 3 p.m.

Parma Senior Center

410 N. 8th Street, Parma, ID 83660

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